Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day nineteen

I'm bummed because I don't know if we'll be having Second Thanksgiving next week. We'll be in the midst of reno, our house is a total disaster, and I really would like to have a lot of our stuff packed by then. We'll do it at some point before Christmas, I'm sure, but probably not next week.

I heard this story on All Things Considered on my way home, about Thanksgiving trends in food magazines, and I definitely want to include this carrot mash (maybe...it has mint in it) and also a bruleed pumpkin pie. Just thinking about it makes me even MORE SAD that our meal won't be next week! Waah!

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K said...

Look at The Pioneer Woman (whatever it was called...Ree....the lady who owns the state of Oklahoma) - she had a recipe for a yummy yummy yummy sounding dressing - cornbread, french bread & another kind of bread...sounded/looked goooooood! Also Bobby Flay (who I generally dislike) had a pumpkin bread pudding that I'm pretty sure would make you die on the spot if made with Mrs. Wilkie's pumpkin cake.