Tuesday, August 17, 2004

E-to the mail post!

This weekend was the 2nd Annual Erlebnisnacht ("Experience-night" -- it doesn't translate well) in Wittenberg. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, it turned out to be a fantastic evening!

Some of the highlights:
+ square-dancing, with audience participation. The caller called in English, but he had to explain everything in German first. What a hoot! "Ev-ry-body prom-en-ade and a big big Cowboy!"

+ the Picasso-meets-Cranach exhibit at the Cranach House. Lucas Cranach the Elder was a famous artist who lived in Wittenberg in the 16th century. He painted many paintings of Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchton, as well as some beautiful altars throughout Europe. Picasso interpreted some of the more well-known paintings into his own sketches, and made lithographs of them. I must admit that it took me about half of the exhibit to realize
just why each of the images (including the date) was backwards. Yeah, I'm just a bit slow. :)

+ a fantastically fun show at the 'Blaue Hof'. I've always been a bit wary of mimes, but this show proved otherwise. Granted, the mime was only half of the show, and he did sing and play guitar at one point, but still, he was a mime! Highlight-within-a-highlight: towards the end of the show, the mime 'shot' the other guy and then calmly got back on the escalator. You probably had to be there...

+ a Charlie Chaplin film in one of the churches in the city. With live accompaniment on the organ!

+ street performers, including one of those huge Venetian bird things. Very cool.

+ my first bratwurst since I've been here. Also, 'rumba' flavored ice cream.

+ a surprisingly delightful fireworks show at another church! Not as good as 4th of July fireworks in the States, but it's only the 2nd annual Erlebnisnacht. It can only get better!

That was my weekend. I am glad I didn't blow it off like I was thinking of doing. It was well worth it!

And now, Bridget is in Wittenberg until tomorrow morning, so I am getting ready to leave work early so we can hang out. Yeah, English! :)

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