Monday, August 30, 2004

It's days like this when I dislike the whole 'intern' thing. Basically, I've realized, it's a legal way for a company (or office, what have you) to get slave labor on the cheap. What, you need someone to bring back two bicycles from the bike shop? Oh, yes please. Someone to babysit the kids in the computer lab? Alrighty. Oh, you mean they CAN use the other computer lab, the one you told me not to unlock because we could only use one? Must have been my mistake. Wait, let me redo both photo projects because you think the yellow looks too 'harsh' or that it looks too 'negative.'

Grr. Needless to say, today is not my favorite of days.

But on a lighter note, some random observations.

Much Olympic coverage focused on women's beach volleyball. Namely, their use of hand signals. I think this was just an excuse for legitimate coverage (ha) of their asses. Also, why was it necessary for their to be BACKUP dancers?! They reminded me of the veela from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I enjoyed the Closing ceremonies last night. I especially liked all of the Greek dancers. The ones without their shirts off. Woo!

I was watching a lot of VMA shows last week on MTV, and I realized that rappers really have the good life. All they have to do is rhyme, and they get tons of money. Plus, they are EXPECTED to wear sweatpants and sneakers all the time! Dude, that's my kind of life!

Anyway, Happy Monday to y'all -- I hope yours goes better than mine did!!

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ricetoriches said...

Did you know that women's beach volleyball has a regulation uniform that states there must be a certain number of centimeters of middrift showing. Please note that men's beach volleyball allows t-shirts and board shorts.