Thursday, August 19, 2004

I've mentioned to a couple of people that I'm thinking of doing some sort of writing while I am here and have gotten some suggestions as to what to write about:

+ a girl cleverly named 'Zeather' is in need of some sort of office supply which she cannot describe in German. The worker at the supermarket assists her, fumbling with his own language skills. Romance ensues.

+ a girl, again cleverly named 'Zeather', meets an old woman at a nursing home. The woman, cleverly named Helga Helga, is hiding something... what happens with the smart young American girl discovers Helga Helga's past?

Any other suggestions? Preferably not starring Zeather, but hey, anything goes!

Also, am looking for a good book on German history of the 20th century. I am surrounded by all this history, but unfortunately, I'm not sure what most of it is about. Or, I'd simply like to know more. If you have any ideas or suggestions, drop 'em in the box!

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