Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jet lag sucks!

Hi everyone! I've finally made it to Germany -- a little ragged around the edges, but no worse for the wear. I have been up for about 24 hours right now, after not having really slept the night before either. It is hot here, and my hands hurt, and I am thirsty. Thankfully, I am not working right now and am just using the facilities for internet purposes. Woo! Also, one might notice that I am attempting to avoid the y and z buttons, as those two buttons are switched on this keyboard and I have to look for them whenever I want to use them.

I need to give big props to A.J. for getting me emergency aisle/bulkhead seating from Toledo to Detroit to Amsterdam. Dude, you rock!

I must admit, however, that my day started to suck once I got to Amsterdam. Despite the attractiveness of the Dutch airport security, they are ridiculously slow and unorganized. I got to the gate for the flight to Berlin no more than five minutes before it started boarding, because I was stuck at security because the lines weren't moving.

Also, don't overpack. It just makes it hard to get the stuff from one place to another!!

[Heh. I used to have my address posted here, but realized that was dumb. So I removed it! It'll be changing again soon, anyway.]

Keep in touch, yo, I am lonely over here!

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