Thursday, August 05, 2004

It is Thursday already?!

I still cannot get the hang of this keyboard. I am slowly remembering about the y and z situation, which means about half the time I get it and the other half I have to fix it. Still no sense with the apostrophe or question mark, though. Oh well!

I went home from the Leucorea yesterday and unpacked all of my things. And I took a 2 hour nap which was absolutely amazing! I ate a frozen swiss cake roll (mmm) and did some reading. Then I went to bed. At 9. And slept til 10. This morning. Let me tell you, it was a delight!

I never did meet my housemate who was so anxious to meet me yesterday. I tried to stay up to meet her, but you all know how that worked out. 'S all good, though. I will meet her eventually!

It does not feel like Thursday. I am not sure what day it feels like, but Thursday is not it. It is like some weird time-space continuum that has gone horribly wrong. Once I get over my jet lag, I am sure I will be fine and this weirdness will be over.

My apartment is really cool. My room is huge! But I wish I had brought more to decorate with. Right now I just have some pictures (no frames), and a drawing from Casey sitting on my dresser. It's pretty bare, but the walls are painted so it isn't as bad as it looks. I will try to take some digi-pics once I get the rest of the clutter off of the floor and organized.

Okay, I should probably find out what I should be doing, so I will post again soon! Leave comments, send emails! :)

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ricetoriches said...

Get your housemate's email, I'll warn her of what's to come ;-)