Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

And sometimes you feel like a squirrel. This is, of course, to the new cereal that I got this week. See, I finished the box of Frosted Flakes that I brought with me and I figured that since I didn't have time to go to the grocery store I'd just pick up a bag of muesli from one of the drug stores on Collegienstra├če. Big mistake. I have 750g of oats and seeds sitting in the cupboard that I have to eat before I buy a box of something else at the real grocery store. I feel like I should be out hiking, or feeding birds, or burrowing in small holes or something. Yech! I was stupid enough to purposely get the kind without chocolate chips or dried fruit, too! This type of blandness is cold and hurty!

On a better note, Mother Nature rocks, because she was good enough to wait til I got home from work last night before it started POURING! It looked like rain most of the afternoon, but when I finally left work, it was just sprinkling, but there were some rumbles of thunder in the distance. As I was walking up to the front door of the building, it was starting to rain a bit more steadily. And by the time I actually walked up the flight of stairs to my apartment and made it into my room, the skies opened up and the world was drenched. All in all, it was kind of nice, because it cooled things off and smelled fresh. But I am still glad that I didn't get caught in it :)

Also, I used the washing machine for the first time last night as well. It took TWO HOURS to wash one load of clothes. And of course, there are no dryers in Europe (from what my limited experience recalls), so I spent a bit of time last night hanging up wet shirts and arranging my underwear and socks on my dresser drawers so they could dry. Classy, eh? Good thing I don't get any visitors in this joint!

Alrighty, enough jibber jabber from me. I need to go pick up a bike from the bike repair place (oh joy, I get to go alone... praaaaaaaaaaay for me!) and maybe get to work on some transcripts for the Japanese students who were here last week. Happy Wednesday!

(And, just because I want to: one, two, three, fo. Fo sammiches, der ya go!)


Anonymous said...

laundry tips: (1) there's a drying rack in the spare room. it unfolds! (2) if you press the 'Zeitsparen' button before pressing 'start", it takes only an hour to do a load instead of two. I only figured that out after six months of laundry.

Ausl├Ąnderamt: that sucks. it is pretty far out there....was the map not helpful? and 60 euro for a visa is pretty extreme, especially since you're only there for 6 months (as of now). but hopefully there will be no glitches..they were fairly efficient if i remember correctly. just only have to go out there one more time, to pick up the visa! =) Alles Gute, viel Spass bei der Arbeit! ~b

ricetoriches said...

they had that kind of cereal at the hostels in England. . . Maria Nader was quoted as saying "good for humans, great for squirrels!"