Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh man what a week ALREADY!

Today I had to go into the Foreigners Office to register for my Visa. They are only open until three today, so I knew I had to go in this morning or after I locked up the computer lab at 1:30. No problem. I printed out my contract to have WT sign it, but she wasn't around this morning, so I had to wait til this afternoon. Okay, that's fine, because then I can take a bike from the Institute, which we can't pick up from the repair shop til 1 anyway.

So since practically aaaaaaaaaaall of the Institute's bikes need repair (what DO these kids do with them?!), Daniela and I had to take two more over today. On one, the kickstand was completely broken off, and on the other, the handlebars were loose. The repairdude fixed the handlebars straight away, so we didn't have to leave that bike there. Oh joy, because now we have THREE bikes to take back to the Institute between TWO people. Yay, internship.

But we make it back, no problem. Then I go to this office, and I've got a map and everything, but I still get kinda lost because half of the time I am on DIRT ROADS! Who expects to have to go on DIRT ROADS to get to a bureaucratic office?! I guess I do, because I have to go in 3 weeks to pick up my visa. Woo! Let's drop 60 Euro for a piece of paper! Woohoo!

Anyway, I get back from the office and I realize that I have at least one huge sweat stain from where the strap of my bag was while I was riding. Yech.

Also, I called home last night to tell my aunt about coming home for Thanksgiving, and I find out that she had just taken my cousin Corey to the ER because he flipped his dirtbike and got cut pretty badly on his head. Turns out, he's got a hole about the size of the first knuckle of the Dr.'s thumb, and he needs 13 stitches. Thank god he's okay, but it still freaked me out to hear about it and be so far away. I guess the upside is that he's got a great war wound to show his friends when he starts school on Thursday!

Something good DID happen, though: the US beat Germany in the women's semifinals for soccer! And I saw the Osbournes yesterday too: TOTALLY not bleeped out. It's funny how much the bleeping draws your attention to the swearing, because I barely noticed it throughout the show!

Time to go watch some homestarrunner.com -- sorry about the downer of a blog today :)

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