Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ah ah ah ah, Stayin' Alive!

Okay, this will just be a short blog post to let all of my readers (Jen, Lori) that I was not abducted by Sven on Friday. In fact, I had a really nice time with him, and I am quite glad that I worked up the nerve to call him. He said he was thinking no one was going to call, because it had been a week, and I had to admit that it was because I was a chicken. Which, I had to explain, because that is an unusual expression for foreigners to grasp.

Anyway, his girlfriend is nice too, and I had to use my German to speak with her, so it was good for everyone involved. They said that if I ever get bored, I should give them a call, which is good, because now I consider myself to have friends in this friendless existence I've created for myself. Woo!

Okay, it's Sunday, and it's time for me to go get something to eat at home. Tschüssi!

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