Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Whirlwind week!

Wow, it's been a whirwind of a week and it's only Wednesday! (an abundance of dubyas in that sentence!)

Because my short term memory sucks, I can't remember if I posted about this or not. Anyway, last week, I got the name and number of a German who wants to improve his American English. I was too chicken to call him until Sunday, and when I did, I had to leave a voice mail message on his handy (aka cell phone or mobile). He called me back last night. His name is Sven, and he sounds very nice on the phone -- he even complimented me on my message that I left him, even though I was a total flake and completely misunderstood him last night. (His last name is similar to that of one of my housemates, so I thought he was calling for her, when in fact he was introducing himself. D'oh!) Anyway, we are going for coffee Friday after work. So if no one hears from me by Tuesday, send out a search party!! (Because I may or may not come in to blog over the weekend -- no guarantees -- and who knows if I will do it on Monday!) So, yeah. That's my story for last night.

And today, my boss comes in and asks me if I am happy where I am living, or if I want to move somewhere else. WTF? Apparently there is the possibility that I can live with a host family. I am sure they are super nice (the dad's a doc), but I really like where I am! I love the freedom of living on my own, and the challenge of doing it in a different country. I'm not sure I could just pick up and move in with a family like that. Even if they are just one street away. Maybe they will adopt me as a pseudo-kid (they have four sons already) and invite me for meals, or something. Well, we will see about that.

Also, the Center for Global Ethics (conveniently located in the Leucorea) wants me to do some translation work for them. I think that would be quite interesting, plus it would be something to do, plus I'd get paid. So I have to look into what I would charge and if it's legal, etc. Hopefully that works out, because some extra cash would be sweet!

That's all the news from the German front... back to typing out recommendation letters for Dr. Inboden and Dr. Davis (nothing like putting it off til the last minute, eh?) and looking up suitable cartoon pictures to cross-stitch onto some towels as Christmas gifts (nothing like being WAY prepared, eh?). It's interesting to note how MESSED UP my priorities are, haha!!

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