Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I finally know that the Fourth Housemate really does exist. When I left my room yesterday morning to get breakfast, I saw that his door was open, and I heard him in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I tried to make my cereal slowly, but you can only wait so long before it gets soggy, so back into my room I went. I heard him leave, though, so I tried to get a glimpse of him from my window. If he's who I saw, then damn! Quite good looking -- at least from the back, because I only saw him walking away. And this morning, I saw his shaving stuff in the bathroom. Definite proof that he IS alive, haha!

I also learned about a round table discussion every Friday night that I am going to start going to. It used to be an English-language thing, but the American woman who used to lead it had a baby and can't always make it. But it should be fun anyway. I'll get to meet new people!

And speaking of new people, apparently there is this German guy who wants to learn American English. So, his name was passed on to me, and I have to call him at some point. I *think* I saw him on Monday when he was in the building, but I am not sure. I could be thinking of someone else. I'll keep y'all updated!

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