Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mystery solved!

So, I have finally met the Fourth Housemate! Last night after I got ready for bed, I decided to call home. There I am, standing in the kitchen (that's where the phone is), in my pajamas (because I seriously was ready for bed), and I hear someone unlocking the door. I couldn't go open the door (the whole being-on-the-phone thing), and I knew that it wasn't Julia, because I had seen her already, and I figured it wasn't Angelika because she usually goes home to Berlin on Thursday nights. (And, as I am typing this, I am realizing that yesterday wasn't Thursday. Today is. Brilliant. I am a genius!) Anyway, this guy walks in, and I am on the phone so I just kind of smile and wave, and he does the same. (To recap for non-regular readers, I thought I saw him Tuesday, but I wasn't sure. He was leaving the building and I never say him in the apartment before yesterday.) Turns out, it IS the same really really good looking (name that movie!) that I saw leaving the building.

So as I am saying goodbye to my aunt, he walks into the kitchen. I figured he was going into the bathroom, so after I hang up the phone, I leave the room. But! He must have heard that I was almost done because he waited to introduce himself to me! AND he started speaking in English, but once he realized that I 'know' German, he switched. Which is alright, because I actually understood him.

I'm not sure how old he is (I was feeling really underdressed standing there in my pajamas, so I didn't ask him any questions -- stupid!), but he is working on his doctorate and working in the Center for Global Ethics here in the Leucorea. He couldn't believe that I have been here since the beginning of August, because we hadn't met each other, but he was also gone for a month and he keeps really weird hours. He's from Munich and we chatted a bit about Oktoberfest and how he said it's a lot of fun if you are with a huge group of friends but if it's just a couple of people then it's alright, but not supergreatfun (my word, not his). He's a nice guy, very friendly.

I also saw him twice so far today -- once in his underwear (totally not my fault -- and I guess that makes up for the pajamas thing yesterday!) and again here at the Institute. He offered me a cappuccino... too bad I don't like coffee :(

BTW -- the sky is the most brilliant shade of blue today! That is my adventure in Deutschland. I think it makes up for the crappy posts that I've been having lately!

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