Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I got a letter from Kelly yesterday that totally made my day! She is the winner of the 'First True Piece of Correspondence Received by Heather' award, because my lease doesn't count, and I haven't gotten anything else. She described how she finally broke down and bought a purse, which, if you know Kelly, is a huuuuuuuuuge deal. However, instead of calling it a purse, she is going to call it a 'Modern Woman Bag' -- haha! Man, I miss that girl! I miss my housemates!

Other than that, nothing much is going on. I *finally* went to the grocery store, so I have food to eat for dinner -- yay!! I got some oranges, too, so hopefully my craving for vitamin C will be satisfied. I really should take a multi-vitamin, or something, because I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. I'm going to get scurvy one of these days, which will be a problem, because I can't say 'scurvy' in German. (I just looked it up in my big dictionary on my desk: Skorbut. Doesn't sound so attractive in any language, does it?)

I also played euchre with Jen on Yahoo! Games. Fun stuff. Doesn't take nearly as long as regular euchre. Probably because there is no shuffling or dealing to be done. That's the way I like it! :)

Dr. Barry emailed me to tell me about a Faust conference in Toronto... one of the speakers is presenting a paper on none other than Faust and Harry Potter! (For those who are unaware, I wrote a paper on the similarities and differences between the two for my Faust seminar last semester.) Gisela Brude-Firnau wrote "Discourses of the Centaurs: From Faust to Harry Potter" -- not quite the same topic, but I feel pretty cool nonetheless that a true academic is validating my own work with her own. Woo!

And on that note, happy Tuesday!

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