Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. Somedays, I just don't have the motivation. Those are the days when nothing happens.

Last night there was the closing dinner for the two groups who are currently here. It was at the local Italian restaurant. I ordered the lasagna. It tasted like Chef Boyardee ravioli, no joke. Ravioli SMOTHERED in melted cheese. Needless to say, I did not finish it. (Not to say that I don't like Chef Boyardee... I just don't expect to get it at an Italian restaurant!)

As I was walking home from this dinner gathering, a girl asked me if I knew where Lutherstra├če was. Luckily for her, someone else asked me where this street was a few weeks ago, when I had a map with me, so I was able to give her directions! Weird coincidences, I think.

'Desperately Seeking Susan' was on tv last night, but I did not watch it. Wait, I lie. I watched a little of it, but since I didn't know the plot, I turned it off. That's all.

Man, my life is more boring than I expected. But, as Erin Pence wrote to me in an email, I should be grateful that I am bored in Germany instead of bored in Ohio!

Today I shall end with the most interesting sentence I found on the internet today: 'In spite of their names, I don't think Batman and Spiderman are Jewish...' Enjoy!!

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