Friday, September 03, 2004

The Russian Tea Guy

Yesterday was the presentation from the Russian Tea guy. Turns out, he isn't Russian, and his discussion wasn't about tea. But we did drink tea. And the discussion about Russia was interesting nonetheless.

Did you know that St. Petersburg, 'the young city' of Russia at 300 years old (ahem -- older than the freakin' United States!), was founded by Peter the Great because he wanted a liberal, academic city to counter Moscow? And he made a ruling that said that every family must send at least one son to university or the father would have his beard cut off.

The tea we drank was quite good. And the cookies we had were manufactured right here in Lu.Witt! Taaaaaaaaasty!

Tomorrow I am going to Potsdam on an excursion. We get to see where the Big Four divided up Germany after WWII. Maybe we can actually go into the building, instead of peeking through windows like peeping toms! (That's what we did in '02...)

I don't really have much to say. Obviously. Hopefully the weekend will be eventful and I won't bore you to death on Monday. Tschuessi!

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