Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm going home in four days, woohoo! Can you tell that I am excited? It'll be a nice break, even though it's not like I am all that busy lately anyway!


I need to go to the bank today. I also need to get up the nerve to ask if I can get paid this week instead of after I come back. I've got a phone bill to pay and some gifts to buy, and I can't do it with 3 Euro!

"Three Euro, that's all you have?" No, I've got 203 Euro, actually. But a good portion (all but 3!) of that needs to go into my bank account to pay my rent which is due.... today. Aaak. Which means that I need to figure out how to transfer money from one account to another (not too hard -- they have forms, but I need to figure out the form. Ugh.) and first figure out how to put the money into my account. (Probably also a form, but I don't know what that one looks like!)

Those are the adventures for today. Sounds like fun, eh? Not as much fun as London -- check out the pics in the entry below!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you got everything figured out at the bank. I remember my first time doing it...I think I stared at the forms for several minutes before blindly reaching for one, luckily it was the write one! Then you have to figure out all the other stuff, it's crazy I tell you!!!
I have to admit that I'm kind of jelous that you're flying back to the States in a few days....I think the bleh days are starting to really get to me. They tried to warn us at orientation that Germany is really dark, grey and dreary in the winter....let the fun begin!
Oh well, their are other things to look forward to, such as a project that's finayll moving forward and a Wittenberg reunion!!! Yea!!!!