Monday, November 15, 2004

Pictures from London

Well, I know you've all been waiting anxiously for some pictures from the London adventure. The moment has arrived! Only four photos, and none are particularly flattering to me, but they're part of the trip. Thanks to Anna for them :)

Bridget and me, on the Tower Bridge, London in the background

The scaffolders. What fun guys! I can't wait til I get my picture of all of us back, although I'm gonna bet that there will be a table blocking our faces, lol.

"Platform 9 3/4? But Hagrid, there's no such thing!"
Oh, I beg to differ, Harry! Bridget and me, hurrying towards the barrier so we don't miss the Hogwarts Express. 'd hate to be late for the first day of school!

Probably around 11 or midnight on Sunday night. There were a lovely three or four hours to go before I actually left, and we had to stay up that whole time. We look so whipped because we were walking around the whole weekend. You'd be tired too!

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