Monday, December 13, 2004

I had such a fabulous time this weekend! Sven stopped by for a little bit so he could meet my friends and tease us for our pronunciation of German words. Because you know, his English is perfect, heh. Then later that night we went to the Christmas market where we had dinner and just walked around, looking at all of the different things. Jessica invited us over to hang out at her place, so we chatted, played Bohnanza (a card game involving... beans and bean fields. It was quite fun, actually!) and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, throughout which I recited quite a few lines from the movie. Sorry if I got annoying, guys! :)

Saturday we got up early and went to Berlin. Pamela had never been, so it was quite fun pointing out everything to her, although it was NOT so fun standing around in the freezing cold while she took photos like it was going out of style! :) We met Bridget's friend Matt, who joined us for lunch at Ristorante Doro. Then we made the big mistake of the weekend: we went to a Christmas market at the old palace grounds. There was no opportunity to stop and look at anything, and no way to turn around to go back. We were stuck in a funnel of people and strollers, forced to go forward throughout the whole damn thing til we FINALLY got back to the beginning and could leave. It was ridiculous, there is no other way to describe it. Then we had some hot chocolate at Barista, some little cafe, where we were seated in the biggest fire hazard known to man. (Imagine a booth blocked off by a solid wooden stair banister, shoved into a corner with only about an 8" clearance to get through. Dangerous, let me tell you!)

Back in the 'Berg, we popped a frozen pizza in the oven and finally opened the bottle of peach schnapps purchased for Reformationsfest while we sat around playing cards. It was quite a bit of fun, even though we were all EXHAUSTED. Sunday we turned on 'Wetten dass...' (I'll bet you that...) where we got to see a team of about 12 divers lift a car to the top of a pool, using nothing but air (you'd have to see it to understand) and Kylie Minogue trip over her dress as she was leaving the stage, poor thing. I was about to jump into the shower when the next guest came on, and it was none other than... Robbie Williams! Needless to say, I didn't take a shower yesterday morning, and I am more enamored with Mr. Williams than ever :)

I found out today that we're closed from the 23nd of December until the 3rd of January, so it should be no problem to travel with Pamela, provided, of course, that we find some sort of travel tickets to someplace that is WARM! We're still looking into Greece or Italy, but someone recommended Turkey, so we're gonna look into that as well. Nothing like last minute!

Hope all are doing well. If you want a Christmas card from me, send me your address, yo! I'm feelin' crafty lately, so it'll be a homemade, one-of-a-kind type of deal. Priceless, I tell ya :)

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