Tuesday, January 04, 2005

From the mouths of babes...

I talked to my Aunt Julie on Sunday, to let her know how my trip was and to see how everyone is doing. They got a new dog on Friday, but didn't know what to name her. Cody suggested that they call me to pick out a German name that they can translate, sort of like what I did with my goldfish (Goethe) -- apparently the kid DOES pay attention to me! I figured that since he is 12, he's too cool to associate with his older cousin. Guess I was wrong!

She also told me that Casey (aged 8) got her ears pierced. Corey (her 10 year old brother, who notedly does not have pierced ears) came up to her before she went to have it done and said "You know it is really, really going to hurt." Because, you know, he's the expert on ear piercing.

Speaking of Casey, she sat down last week and said "Eight more months til Heather comes home!" Completely unprovoked and out of the blue. She's such a little sweetie. It's going to be hard breaking the news that I'm going to be staying a bit longer than originally planned, as I'll be missing her birthday AGAIN. Nothing like missing it for three years in a row! I'll make it up to her somehow :)

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