Thursday, February 03, 2005

Best quote EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!1one

So, I got an email from DB today. Turns out some punks are backing out on the trip this summer, and Witt can't provide enough students to form their own group. He's going to look into putting the remaining students with another group so they can still come. He mentioned how he was sad about not being able to come, but then made this statement, which, if you know DB, you know is quite mephistophelian and appropriate:

"I may yet be able to concoct a diabolically clever reason for turning up in Wittenberg myself."

Only DB could make this statement and be taken completely seriously. This is the man we thought was a spy because of his ability to sneak up on an entire room of people while wearing a BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRT. Or, popping 'round the Eiscafe just as we're starting to talk about him. That's why he's awesome. That's why he's DB.

I would not be surprised if he does either of those things this summer. Not one bit!

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