Friday, February 18, 2005

First Birthday Card!!

Hey German girl!

The mouse is a little reminiscent of one of our other favorite holidays-- charred mailbox man day. Now, I realize that seeing a mouse jump out of a cake is not quite as good as seeing dead baby arms jump out of a cake, but this is as good as it gets! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Charred Mailbox Man Day is the best holiday ever. It started a few summers ago as we drove down a street near my house and passed this scarecrow-type thing dressed up for the Fourth of Julyout protecting someone's mailbox from those damn Redcoats. Unfortunately, it looked like someone took a torch to the poor thing, and thus, Charred Mailbox Man was conceived. I am pretty sure we were on our way to Michael's (the craft store) for something, because when while we were there, we found a package of small doll arms. Given our penchant for dead baby jokes and the recent birth of and subsequent holiday celebrating our new favorite Yard Protector (wow, what a short gestation period!), we decided to buy the arms and stick them in a cake, graveyard-zombie-style. The pictures shall live on forever.

Charred Mailbox Man Forever!!

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