Wednesday, February 23, 2005

For HP fans only!

A new livejournal community has started -- a_chapter_a_day. Starting Monday, March 1 (Ron Weasley's birthday!), re-read the Harry Potter series a chapter a day! It'll take us up until July 10, a mere SIX DAYS before the release of HP and the Half-Blood Prince!! (And Lori's birthday!) Man, it will totally make these few months so much more bearable -- I'm excited!

*Posted for all those crazy obsessive fans like me -- Jen, Jess, Pamela, Bridget, Mike!!
**Pamela, this is incentive for you to buy the books this weekend in Leipzig -- there's an amazing bookstore near the Thomaskirche that I'll take you to!


Anonymous said...

Wonder...I can finally become the proud owner of the HP series!! Our little girl has grown-up, lol! This also better mean that my stuff grows so I can leave Friday, hehe!

Jessica said...

Who you calling obsessive????