Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Got Prez?

So, as the whole world knows, Georgie is in Germany today -- the Frankfurt area, Mainz specifically -- and according to these articles from Deutsche Welle (and my coworkers, who inspired this post in the first place), no security expense has been spared.

Get a load of this:
- portions of FOUR public highways are shut down
- portions of the RHINE RIVER are closed
- air space within 60km is closed to non-commercial aircraft

My coworkers told me that nearby hospitals have been evacuated (those sick patients are such a threat -- they might even be terrorists!!), people in the vicinity aren't allowed to leave their homes or open doors/windows in case a sniper shoots at their houses. The hoopla is ridiculous -- obviously, Gee Dub, there might be something wrong with your policies if you have to resort to such drastic security measures. Whoops, I just shared an opinion that doesn't jibe with His Agenda -- does that make me a terrorist?!


On another presidential note, I finished my Warholic tribute to Presidents' Day.

Here is a pic of the shirt (sorry the pics are so unmanageably large -- I don't know how to make them smaller. Help!):

Presidents are: Abe Lincoln (blue), Thomas Jefferson (orange), George Washington (purple) Andrew Jackson (green) and Woodrow Wilson (pink). Dubya not included.

The dudes:

A close-up of Abe:

Go crafty!


Anonymous said...

Oh man...don't remidn me the Prez is in town....we may be a good hour and a half from Frankfurt, but that doesn't mean we don't hear anything...I have to imagine we'll partially feel his effects, plus it wouldn't suprise me if he showed up here with the military base and all (guess I should stay away from campus today, just in case!) One of Stephanies housemats had to go to Frankfurt today to pick-up his visa for Tailand, and he wasn't looking forward to it, at all!

ricetoriches said...

seems pretty communist to me. . . gaaahhhh I'm using the word hate here about that man!