Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Jess, you're missing out!

Oh Jess, you are so missing out. Super Döner is having a sale -- Döners for just €1.50!! And it only goes through Wednesday. Which is tomorrow. I'm planning on taking advantage of it tonight for dinner. And tomorrow for dinner, too. Anyway, hope you're doing well. Do you have any interest in seeing "La Mala educacion"? ("Bad Education") It's playing at Central on Monday (17:15 and 20:00) and Wednesday (17:15) next week; if you want to go see it, I'll wait for you. Otherwise, I'll see it on Monday. Let me know! Also, "Der Suchen und Finden Der Liebe" is out -- Moritz Bleibtreu is in it, it's a comedy, that's all I know. We should see it!

Why I didn't just email this to you, I have no idea. Oh well!

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Heartshine said...

Too bad about the Doners... but I have Mexican food here instead! Sure, the movie sounds good. Both of them! :-)