Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Easter!

Hello dear friends! Before I forget, I wish you all a happy Easter holiday! I get a four day weekend, thanks to the lovely German holiday system! Unfortunately, they're santizing the floors in my part of the building, so I will be internet-less until Tuesday. Still comment and send emails, though, just don't expect a reply til next week :)


As you can see, I finally finished updating quotes from the first HP book. I'll start posting number two when I get back from holiday. I know, I'm a slacker.


You'd think I have more to say, but really, I don't. Apparently my peanut butter sandwich for lunch didn't cut it, because my stomach is growling. Mmm, hungry. And I just found out that stores are closed tomorrow, Sunday AND Monday, so if I want food to eat, I need to go to the store tonight. Namely, I need bread and fruit/vegetables. I'd hate to get scurvy over the break. That'd totally suck. Plus, I need toothpaste. I'd have scurvy AND bad teeth!! Double suck!


Alright, this blog "entry" has descended into shopping list territory. So I shall wish you again a lovely Easter! Eat some ham for me! And some peeps! (I don't really like peeps, but it's the principle of the matter. They don't have them here, so naturally I miss them.) And jelly beans! But only if you've got starburst jellybeans. Those are my fave. And, you know, be thankful for the resurrection of Christ, if you're into that sort of thing ;)


Jessica said...

Happy Easter to you too! And thanks for rescuing my bike! You rock.

Anonymous said...

In case I forget to tell you on the phone: I have peeps!! Shall I save you some for when you come visit? =) ~b