Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Outta the mouths of babes

On Sunday evening, I decided to call home and see how the family was doing. My cousin Cody, who is 12, answered the phone and told me that his mom (my Aunt Julie) wasn't home. Well, rather than just hang up the phone, I asked him how he and his siblings were.

He proceeded to tell me how Corey bought a Chinese Water Dragon and Casey bought two fish (who, I've since learned, she named Noon and Shadow. Apparently Shadow kept swimming behind the filter into the shadows, thus his name. As for Noon, well, I have no idea. I speculate that it was lunchtime when she decided on the names.). He also told me that they got a new filter for Goethe (which he pronounces like Gouda, the cheese). I asked him if HE bought anything, but he told me that he was saving up for a PSP.

"What's a PSP?" I asked, because I never know what the new gaming system is.
"A Playstation 2 that is like the same size as a Gameboy Advance, and it plays MP3s and you can send text messages."
"Um, but didn't you get an MP3 player for Christmas?"
"And do you even know anybody that you can send a text message to?"
"Well, no, not yet!"
I suspect he wants to be the first to have the latest technological craze. Typical Cody :)

It was quite a nice little conversation that I had with the Codester. He's not the loudest kid I know (or even in his family -- I'd bestow that honor on Corey), but it's worth it to pay attention, because you never know what creative and/or sarcastic comment will come out of his mouth next.

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