Thursday, March 31, 2005

So, I don't think I've written a coherent blog entry in... well, a while. Today probably won't be the turning point in that trend, sorry to get your hopes up :)

Important news: I'm officially registered to attend The Witching Hour in October! It's a Harry Potter themed conference to be held in Salem, Massachusetts and I am totally stoked! It's the perfect opportunity for me to totally revamp my Faust-vs-Harry Potter paper that I wrote for DB last spring. Meaning, of course, write it in English! hahaha

I've recently become enthralled with a couple of craft ideas: book binding and red, glittery Chuck Taylor sneakers. Or, what Dorothy would have worn, had she known she had to do all that damn walking down the yellow brick road! Because, hi, glittery shoes? Yes please. And my own handmade books? Double yes! All I need are 1) a good tutorial on how to bind books 2) some red Chucks (or look alikes -- women's size 10.5) and 3) some glitter. Plus the medium to affix said glitter to shoes. I need to go to the craft store anyway, because I am looking to send out a card with a cabbage on it and I need the card. Plus, an image of a cabbage that I can copy and affix to said card.

I'm in a bit of a snit -- the most direct way from my house to, well, pretty much anywhere I would want to go, is closed off for construction! It's all torn up and ridiculous. Hopefully it won't last too long, because it makes it difficult to conveniently visit Jessica.

I also think I am getting sick. I don't feel particularly sick (yet), but I look like I'm getting sick - paler than usual and the dark circles under my eyes seem more pronounced. I am blaming it on the less-sleep-than-normal this week because of the time change, but after Saturday (when I can actually sleep in, for once), that can't be my excuse. Nonetheless, I am going to take some tylenol when I get home and try to go to bed early. That means no reading Faust past 10:30pm because then I'll be up reading it til 11:30pm and that isn't good.

Okay, that's the end of my randomness. Have a great day!

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