Wednesday, March 30, 2005

From olives to Salvaword Dali

So, I can't post the entirety of my conversation with Kathleen this morning because it's entirely too long, but I will post our work of genius. Note: apparently pickle juice has more caffeine than coffee, and that's our excuse. (Warning: This claim is not based on scientific information.)

Spiffygir1: pickles are a good way to curb hunger
Hetobeto00: man, I am too
Spiffygir1: lol
Hetobeto00: I wish I had some pickles. Or olives, I really like deli olives
Spiffygir1: I like only slight olive influences
Spiffygir1: I'm not a fan of the independent olive
Hetobeto00: that's sad, I had some really good olives with like rosemary and thyme, or something
Spiffygir1: but olive salad can be good
Spiffygir1: there's a sandwich in New Orleans called the Muffaletta
Spiffygir1: and it has ham and turkey and salamie and cheese covered in an olive salad
Spiffygir1: it's really frickin good
Hetobeto00: I've never tried olive salad
Hetobeto00: when I come visit you...sometime, we can try it
Hetobeto00: or, I can try it
Spiffygir1: definitely
Spiffygir1: and we'll have to split one because they're HUUUUUUUGE
Hetobeto00: sweet
Spiffygir1: they're head sized sandwiches
Hetobeto00: that just made me laugh
Hetobeto00: "head sized sandwiches"
Spiffygir1: lol
Spiffygir1: excellent
Spiffygir1: that was my aim
Hetobeto00: you aimed well, my friend
Spiffygir1: lol
Spiffygir1: bullseye
Hetobeto00: you should be an archer
Spiffygir1: a word archer
Spiffygir1: balinng-- there goes my bow
Hetobeto00: lol you are ridiculous
Spiffygir1: yes, yes I am
Hetobeto00: but in a good way
Hetobeto00: a word archer
Spiffygir1: lol
Spiffygir1: or a word surrealist
Spiffygir1: well
Spiffygir1: I guess then I would make NO sense
Hetobeto00: Salvaword Dali
Spiffygir1: a word abstractionist
Spiffygir1: LOL
Spiffygir1: that's brilliant
Hetobeto00: thanks!
Spiffygir1: Salvaword Dali

: I think I might quote us in my blog today

Spiffygir1: I think you should
Spiffygir1: Salvaword Dali should not go unremembered
Hetobeto00: because how can I not use the word archer and Salvaword Dali?

And there you have it. That's how I spent my morning at work, folks. Salvaword Dali. Or maybe Sir Isaac Wordton, what with the bows and all. How you like them apples?

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Tom Wilson said...


here's another one: A word archer would be Wilhelm Tell. Get it?