Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend Update!

So, for whatever reason, I don't quite feel like writing a huge long post about my weekend. I'll make a bridget-jones-style list instead:

sat around. made some pasta. should have gone to stammtisch except fellow-stammtisch-ees went to concert. early to bed.

leipzig with steffi, jess, and yasmine. saw both nicholai- and thomas- churches. stasi museum. motette at thomaskirche. ate some food. stupidly did not talk to american boy at cafe outside thomaskirche. *facepalm*

chatted with jen online. went to opera with japanese students. loved it. rossini is awesome.

party at ELCA for jess's consecration. cracked up at the hysterical "this is your life" formulated by her coworkers. congrats, friend!!


I know, I know, I need to catch up with my HP quotes but can't quite be bothered. I'm staying current with my reading for Chamber of Secrets, which is ironic because it is my least favorite of the series. I absolutely MUST go to the grocery store after work, as my food stash consists of 1) powder of tomato soup packet. 1) powder of spaghetti sauce packet. 1) eighth of a bag of rice. 1) jar of peanut butter. I don't even have any pasta to make with the pasta sauce!! Not that I want pasta, as I made that on Friday. I really want some chicken, or a big fat hamburger. Maybe I will be brave enough to go to the butcher counter at the store. Probably not. Maybe I'll get some wurst in a jar. Sounds (and looks) completely unappetizing, but hey, at least I won't starve!

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