Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm headed out of town again this weekend, folks! (In just under three hours, actually, woohoo!) It's time for another Wacky Witt Weekend in K-town.

The schedule: Meet Pamela at the Frankfurt train station around 6 or so, arrive in K-town at 7:33 (Bridget, I hope you see this! Otherwise we'll call you from the train, haha). Probably stop and get a döner on the way back to Bridget's (hint hint), as we'll probably be starving. Tomorrow: Luxembourg.* Saturday: some park thing that's popular in K-town. Woo!

*"Where is Luxembourg?" you ask. "Well, it's a small country --" "It's a country?" "Yes, a small country squished between France, Germany, and Belgium." "Oh. What are you going to do there?" "No idea. Probably walk around the streets looking for something interesting." "Hmm... sounds... fun?" "Yeah, I hope so too!"

I got a postcard from Nicole yesterday! Not my first postcard from Africa (Jess Counts gets that honor!), but certainly my first postcard from Cape Town -- and it's beautiful there! Thanks! I hope you get my postcard soon :)

I thought that they were gonna start showing Berlin Berlin from season one, but they started with season two!! It's okay, I haven't seen those episodes either. I just missed the whole Sven-loves-Lolle thing from season one. Good thing Jess has it on DVD! Heh heh

Alright everyone! Have a great weekend, I know I will! :) Enjoy Spring, as it has Sprung!


Jessica said...

So you are missing our Stammtisch tonight tonight too...Luxembourg darn well better be worth it. (You could send me a postcard!) Ooh... I skipped Lolle yesterday because I was rollerblading, but if it's the second season then I will make an effort (i.e arrange my whole entire life) to catch it from now on. :-) Eventually I will be buying the second season too, and then we can watch everything we missed. Viel Spaß!

ricetoriches said...

Hopefully you will find something interesting in Luxemburg b/c I'm going there in July/August. . . so keep me on the ins on what to do!!!


Nicole said...

I'm really glad you liked the postcard I sent you! Your postcard arrived today (Friday) as well, and I love it - I put it on my blog and quoted the message you sent me :-) Hope you don't mind, and thanks again for the card!

Margaret said...

Hey...I live in K-town!! Near Ramstein. I hope you have fun in my neck of the woods!

Did you go to the Kammgarn? If so, did you see the Barbie display?

Margaret said...

Oh, I forgot...Luxembourg has a GREAT sushi restaurant...that's about all.