Thursday, April 14, 2005

Once upon a time...

there was a girl who lived in an apartment. An apartment that faced the street. And the sun. And one day, the girl was woken up in the morning by a terrible clanging outside her window. "What could be making that wretched noise," she thought. So the girl looked out the window and saw that the area in front of her building was blocked off, as if they were getting ready to do some sort of construction, or something. "Hmm, I wonder what that is all about?" The girl went to work and didn't think anything of it.

Then the girl comes home. There's already construction on the shortest way from the girl's house to her office, so she has to go the long way. As she's walking down the street towards her building, she sees all sorts of trucks and equipment directly in front of the door to her building. The sidewalk is all torn up and she has to walk around a bright orange digging machine to get in. She couldn't even walk around to the back of the building because a truck was blocking the driveway. There was a note on the door that told the tenants that there was going to be construction in front of their building (and in the cellar) until May! Oh joy!

The next morning, the girl wakes up at 6:45 because of the sun. "Yay, I can sleep for another hour! Silly sun, you woke me up!" she thinks, turning over and burying her head in the covers for one more hour of sleep. Suddenly, she is awoken by more horrible clanging! Thinking it is almost time for her alarm to go off, the girl rolls over to look at the clock. 7:11. Knowing her alarm clock is nine minutes too fast, she does some quick math: 7:02. In the morning.

Apparently it's common to start construction projects in residential areas at the same time they start construction everywhere else in the world -- seven in the morning.

It's going to be a long summer.

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Anonymous said...

HA...the real world does exist
in germany ;)