Monday, April 11, 2005

I've not been neglecting you, Dear Readers, Blogger's just been a pain for the weekend. Well, Friday, actually, and then I didn't have the chance to post this weekend. So, here I am!

My weekend was pretty good, I had a lot of fun.

Friday, I watched what (we thought was) the last episode of Berlin Berlin with Jessica. Turns out, the finale is tomorrow night. It was still hilariously funny and punctuated (yet again) by a near-naked Sven, which, naturally, is always a treat. (Have you SEEN Jan Sosniok? Last week was a very good week for his fans -- lots of shirtless action, woohoo! Here's a pic of him from last season -he's the one on the left.) Then I headed off to my Stammtisch and treated my friends to some of the cookies we baked last week. They went over quite well!

I watched the big wedding on tv on Saturday. I thought Camilla looked lovely, although Charles could've smiled a bit more. And William looked pretty good, of course, except for that bald patch on the back of his head and some gnarly looking hands. But, I'll still give my blessing when he proposes to Jen ;)

After talking on the phone with Jen (yay!), I headed to Jessica's house, where we met Felix and Mariosch to go to Steffi's for dinner. She got a mini-oven for Easter, so we had a great meal of homemade pizza, spaghetti, and salad. It was a lot of food for five people! Somehow I managed to bang my knuckle against the box grater, so I had a lovely gash there. Thankfully it's pretty much healed and not opening up anymore! :)

Sunday saw me sitting around my apartment for a good long while, knitting and watching tv. Then Jess called and invited me over! For a movie! On tv! We watched Unbreakable -- it was pretty good, I liked it, even though I don't understand the water connection. Can anyone enlighten me? I actually went surfing the net FOR spoilers to explain it, but I was unsuccessful. Help, readers! Then I came home and watched too much MTV. Not good, because I was up late and now I am tired.

But I'll be sleepy when a good weekend is to be had.

Which means, expect more of the same, since I'm going to Bridget's next weekend and we are gonna travel. Excellent!


Nicole said...

I've never seen or heard of Jan Sosniok before today, but now I'm really happy to have laid my eyes on him ;-)

Anonymous said...

Since he is like a super hero, at least has super hero strength he needs a weakness-water. He has never been sick but at school he almost drowned in the school pool, so it is his weakness like kryptonite for Superman-so when he falls in the water at the end its supposed to be bad. Hope that helps.-C