Thursday, April 07, 2005

C is for cookie

Yeah, I'm alive and listening to the Adult Alternative station on yahoo. I've heard lots of stuff I like, but since when is Ryan Cabrera (sp?) considered adult alternative?! How about pop. And I've got nothing against pop, I willingly listen to it and openly admit to it. Just... what makes something adult alternative? Like, I've heard Fuel, GooGoo Dolls, etc. Now it's Jewel. "Who Will Save Your Soul." From 1994. Where's the distinction?

Anyway, other than music categorization, not much is new. I'm leaving work in 15 minutes, as I can. Why stay when there is nothing to do, right? Except that today I had to prepare a bunch of certificates. For groups that don't get here until the end of May. Why? I don't know. Because apparently I looked too bored sitting here? No idea. Ridiculous. I normally make the certificates and print them out the day before, because inevitably they'll all get changed and I'll have to redo them anyway. Why make more work for myself, right? Gah.

Baked delicious cookies with Jess and Steffi last night -- chocolate chip and then my experimental chocolate-peppermint chip cookies. Which were surprisingly delicious, although slightly burnt. The chocolate slivers melted, me thinks, and then burned. Mmm, carbon.

Vertical Horizon is playing! Whatever happened to them, anyway? Alright, I'm out. Thanks for following the stream-of-consciousness, folks!

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