Monday, April 04, 2005

McSweeney's amuses me. Point in Case: Implausible Claims Made by Vanilla Ice in His 1990 No. 1 Hot "Ice Ice Baby."


I preordered HP6 on Saturday!! Only €15.90 at Gondrom (hint hint Jess), but I don't have to pay til I pick it up on July 16, cuz it'll be available then! Yay!! I was going to ask at the counter, but I happened to turn around and see the sign on the staffroom door that says "jetzt vorbestellen!" (reserve now!) -- all you (Jess) have to do is give them your name and address. Easy as pie, which is a stupid phrase because pie really isn't that easy... easy as... easy as... going to the bakery and pointing at what you want! :)

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Nicole said...

The Implausible Claims Made By Vanilla Ice was hilarious!

I really wish I could have preordered HBP as well, but I have no idea where I'll be then :( It's great that you have your copy booked though! :-)