Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Linky Cauldron

Yay I can post, finally! Blogger was being stupid yesterday and I couldn't do anything. Which is unfortunate, because I actually had stuff I wanted to say!

But I will answer my commenters (yes, I've had actual commenters!) first:
Nicole: I'm glad you liked the Vanilla Ice list! Check out the Review of New Foods for a laugh (I think my favorite thus far is the "Starbucks' 'Chantico' Drinking Chocolate," of which reviewer Jenny Haynes says "'Round these parts, we've just taken to calling it 'Liquid Denzel.'" Ha!) or the Love Letters of a Closed-Caption Editor and a Telegraph Operator. Classic!

Tom Wilson: I will have to pass Wilhelm Tell on to my friend. Naturally I will give credit to you, ha ha. Also, Harry and the Potters are pretty good for being a Harry Potter novelty band. I heartily recommend them! I have their cd with me at work, perhaps I will listen to them right now!


This is a pretty good explanation of how the new pope will be chosen. (Link via Ed in the Refridgerators via Harry and the Potters.)


Anna and I have decided to open a life coaching office. We're pretty good at giving people advice when they ask for it (and sometimes even when they don't, ha!), and we'd give people cookies and wine. Plus, when we'd have to tell people to get off their lazy bums and get jobs, we'd be nice about it, so of course people would do what we advise, because hey! we are nice! We'll have one office in London, but also one on a tropical island somewhere because how great would it be to be chillin' on the beach right now? SUPER GREAT! Tom can build it for us, because he wants to do that sort of thing. DOUBLE SUPER GREAT cuz we'll get a discount. Rock.


I pimped Ben's Morning Mixes last week, but I gotta say, I think Milk and Honey is probably my favorite. Check it out check it out check it out check it out. (Scroll down a bit, it's there!)


Yeah, that's all for right now. It's only 9:30am, not that much has happened yet, but I'm about to eat my breakfast -- German bread with peanut butter. And a banana. But not on the bread, even though that would be good. Mmm, breakfast!

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