Friday, May 27, 2005

Just wanted to say --

Shoebox is updated! YAY! And it is awesome. And I am happy.

Also, am going bowling this afternoon. And Mike is going to the Dominican Republic. Apparently, when I don't talk to people for two days, crazy things like vacations to tropical locations happen. WTF?!

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend here - I don't know what my plans are (they probably include lots of Sex and the City with Jess - and can I just say? She slept with Big while dating Aidan? Whuh? And yes, I'm only as far as whatever season that is.), but I hope you have fun! Enjoy the weather!

ETA: The made-for-tv movie with Noah Wyle as the librarian is on tv Sunday... I think I'll watch it! :)


Jessica said...

I think we really need to clarify that it was the fictional *CARRIE*, and not ME, who slept with Big while dating Aidan. I didn't do either.
Also, you are probably right about the weekend plans. And thanks for the Shoebox heads-up. :-)

Abba said...

Yay for Shoebox, thanks for the heads-up, Heto! My computer recently died and I lost all my favorite fic bookmarks, so it was a good reminder. And thanks, Jess, for the claification. I admit I did a double-take while reading that particular sentence.