Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oooh, I'm such a shit. After speculating to Anna that I won't get any comments in the evaluations from the group I escorted for two weeks, I flip to a new one and bam! Daniel used his "additional comments" box to write me a thank you note! It's really sweet, so I'll quote him here:

Thank you, Heather, for dealing with all of us. I appreciate your work, which made our time enjoyable.

Thanks, Dan! I want to copy this and hang it on the fridge, or something! :)

I just commented on Shampoo Solo's website after she posted about her concern for Robbie Williams. I never thought I'd do that, but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do it, either. Crazy!!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I did watch the Noah Wyle Librarian movie on tv on Sunday, and while it was completely unbelievable, I was amused and entertained. And what more do you want on a Sunday night?

Also, a huge thunderstorm knocked out our computers at work for most of the day yesterday, so sorry about the lack of entry. Plus, it was chaos with a new group arriving and an old group almost departing, so I wouldn't have had the time to post anything worthwhile, anyway!

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Abba said...

You have seen "Donnie Darko," yes? With Noah Wyle as physics professor?