Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Is hell frozen over?

So. Right. I went running this morning. For six whole minutes, which, if I say so myself, isn't that bad for someone who has never voluntarily gone running before in her life. Granted, I thought I was almost dead by the end, and I don't know if it'll become a regular habit, but I figured I would inform the masses nonetheless.

That is all.


Jessica said...

Hooray! Just add one minute every day and pretty soon we will *own* this city. You go girl!

Heto said...

See, my problem is that I don't know *where* to run. Today I ran up by your place, down the street to the Lutherhaus, and back to my place (albeit VERY slowly). I wouldn't know where to run to add just one more minute. Maybe back by the Leucorea, turn around, and back?

Anonymous said...

Yea for you! Their are always little ways to add on a minute! Now you make me want to get back into running! Keep it up :) ~Pamela