Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of the things they don't teach you in German classes: how to react when someone a) dies (or, maybe, someone they know) or b) is fired. Dude. The black cat crossed my path yesterday - but I guess that it did technically happen yesterday. I just found out about it this morning.

Wow, what a crappy day, and I've only been here 5 minutes...

ETA: I made it a whole two days this week without wanting to walk out. I think that is a record.


Jessica said...

Who died? Who got fired?
"Es tut mir Leid" is probably pretty applicable for both occasions... :-)

Heto said...

Yeah, I guess that works, but it just doesn't seem like enough, you know what I mean? In English, I can be concerned and consoling and everything the situation calls for, but in German... I just kind of sit there with a sad look on my face, wishing I knew what to say.