Friday, June 03, 2005

It's harder than you think! Try the Corporate Logo Alphabet Challenge.

Also, some people re-made Michael Jackson's Thriller video. With Legos.

Links via Test Pattern.

In other news, my (new) boss wants me to come up with some sort of project to work on for my last three months here at work. Or so I understood. She asked me on Wednesday as I was getting ready to leave, and I thought she had said that she had talked with one of my coworkers and they already had a project for me to work on. So I talked to this coworker yesterday (boss was out of the office all day), and she was like, "well, it'd be something you come up with on your own." Then last night at the Independent, Felix, Jess and Elizabeth helped me formulate a great plan to better integrate the movies we use in some of our courses. Basically, I'd make preparatory materials, follow-along sheets and discussion questions to make the films more than "ugh, we have to go watch this dumb German movie this afternoon and I don't know what's going on." I was all ready to come in today and present my idea to her, and then...

When my boss asked me this morning (in passing) if I've come up with any ideas for the project, I had the distinct impression that she meant for the mystery project SHE designed for me. We're meeting at two to discuss them - hopefully I can do my project, because I'm much more interested in that than having to figure out how and why our office is different than other businesses similar to ours in Germany. Whoopee?

Wish me luck!

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