Monday, June 06, 2005


Photos of an unknown family who probably owned a liquor store. This site makes me want to troll old flea markets for random photo albums and photos!! (Via PCJM)

Later, if I get the chance, I'll post about my trip to Weimar and my trip to the non-opera. Also with some squee for and question about the new Foo Fighters video.

Sorry about your break-in, Ben! I'm glad they only got your wallet ...and glasses ...and cell phone. At least they didn't take anything larger. But then maybe you would have heard them and woken up :)


Jessica said...

Wait, so how did your meeting with the boss about your project go? Can you do the movie thing?

Nicole said...

I had a look at the Houseplant picture studio website and... it's kind of haunting in a way. Very interesting though!

By the way, your postcard on the winelands is on it's way :-) Thanks for sending me another postcard from beautiful Germany - it's much appreciated :D

(And yep, I updated Draco's birthday on Friday!)