Friday, June 24, 2005

Some things

First of all, I want to say that I was able to fix the cold water situation in my apartment! Apparently there is a knob that controls the flow of cold water and someone must have accidentally turned it, or something. So I found it, turned it back on, and was able to brush my teeth with cold water! YAY!

Secondly, I added a permanent link to my Flickr account. You can see it right over there in the sidebar, under my profile. But I'll still post announcements and links whenever I update something new. Speaking of, I desperately need to finish organizing my parade pictures. Thanks, readers who combed through them anyway, despite the lack of caption/description/any semblance of order!

Last night was a Stammtisch with my "young" friends. Jess and Elizabeth skipped out, citing general grumpiness, Chulpan never showed up (or maybe she did, but we waited til 8:10 for her, so I dunno. And I don't have a handy, so I couldn't call her...). But Thorsten, Felix, Steffi, Tom, Anike and I all headed down to a new, outdoor restaurant outside the Schlosskirche. It was surprisingly fun, even though I was definitely in a funky mood (I think it was a lack of sleep, a bit of leftover work frustration, and the weather.) We've decided to plan a quasi-Independence Day party for the 4th - except the fireworks, because you can't buy fireworks in Germany in July. Crazy! :)

I asked them for things Jen and I can do while she is here visiting me (one more month! YAY!), and I got the standard list: Leipzig, Dessau, W├Ârlitz, etc. And naturally the Thursday night Stammtisch, which we (sadly) realized will be Felix's last, as he leaves Wittenberg on the 31st. I think that will officially start the Month O' Goodbyes, as Tom leaves one week later, and then Elizabeth will fly back home. Three weeks of farewells in a row, then two weeks til Steffi and I have to say goodbye. Man! I'm making myself depressed, so I will stop.

Anyway, dear Readers, now I'll ask for some reader participation: what kinds of things should we have at our party next week? You have til next Thursday to provide me with suggestions: go!


Anonymous said...

smores, hot dogs, popcorn, chips,
potato/macroni salad, cole slaw,
fried general good'ol
usa picnic food :)

Nicole said...

I'm glad to hear the cold water is working again :-)