Friday, June 24, 2005

Un. Believable.

So, raise your hands if you've ever scored someone's phone number. Keep 'em raised if you got that phone number but you didn't realize you had it til six months later.

Because it was inside your couch.

So, when Jess moved here, she decided to buy a couch, because she didn't have one, and she thought it was a good idea to have a place to entertain guests... when she finally made friends. The store was kind enough to provide delivery and installation of said couch (for an extra 30 Euros) and sent two 20-something guys over to do the job. Apparently one of them thought Jess was quite the catch, because he decided to give her his number. However, not realizing that Jess wasn't German (or maybe he did and just wanted to score with an American) - or, more likely, not realizing that she wouldn't know there was a secret storage compartment in the bottom - he stealthily slid the number inside, assuming she would find it when she went to store all of her duvet covers and tablecloths.

And, she did. Today, when she preparing for some houseguests who are here for the weekend.

So now we are trying to convince Jess to call Wes - this could have been her ticket to happiness and she just threw it away. (She claims it's because she's "not the type of person who gets numbers," nor is she "the type of person who calls numbers she scores from her furniture" but I think that's just a ruse. She's just waiting til we're not around to tease her. Heh.)


Abba said...

Jess should definitely call Wes. Especially because their names would rhyme.

hrhjenofwales said...

The whole number in the couch thing. . . classic. That IS, you know, how I scored the delightful HRH William of Wales. (well, not the couch exactly, but the 16th Century Dutch armoire given by William of Orange)

Good work Jess babe. Call. You just might be walking down the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jess!!! Defiantly give this guy a call...though I must say you're a complete dork for not having discovered the secret compartment sooner! ~Pamela