Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Just to clarify my earlier post: no one died. I'm just wondering what someone might write in a card in such a situation.

But: my day DID improve vastly this afternoon. I've found a few job possibilities for which I will apply. None in Toledo, one in Kansas City, MO, one in Parma, and one in "central New Jersey." Now, this means I need to vastly update/rewrite my resume, the whole of which is giving me a headache, but I emailed Ben for some tips, since I know he does some hiring at The MTV.

Also: got a phone call from Frau Just, a former host mom (of Liesebet!) and mother of Claudia, who worked at the library at Witt. She is the one who knitted me those awesome socks for my birthday. Anyway, she invited me over for coffee and grilling on Saturday! YAY for plans!

And lastly: Bridget is finally registered for TWH!! WAAAHOO!! Harry Potter for everyone! :)


Anonymous said... can move to'd be closer to me ;) ~Pamela

Nicole said...

The Witching Hour sounds like great fun! Good luck with the job applications :-)

Anonymous said...

aren't connections great :)