Thursday, July 21, 2005

Again, I wanted to post a Prague entry - something along the lines of "hey! you can see this in the Kanye West video too!" but work has gotten in the way. We're gearing up for August 1, and since I'm the intern, that means I get the physical labor. Or at least the finishing/correcting of the course packets that we hand out. Lovely, lovely.

On a Moste Excellente Noete, however, there is a Shoebox update, for those who are interested! And what an update it is - I'll admit, I teared up, especially at the beginning. And the end! Oh squee!

Anyway, like I've promised all week, I'll try try try to write about Prague tomorrow. Otherwise you're going to have to wait til I get back, and even then I'll be busy to the max. Sorry! :)

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