Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Terribly busy day at work! No time or energy to post! Still tired from Prague!

But I have to say that the fandom is going absolutely crazy right now, posting theories and astonishment and anger and going through the seven stages of grief, or whatever it's called. It's pretty amusing to watch from the sidelines - and I can't wait to see what JKR has got up her sleeves for book seven!

I'll post about Prague sometime this week... I have to, cuz I won't be online at ALL next week, as Jen will be here! *leaps into air Anchorman style* And I have the whole week off of work! Planned destinations include Dresden and Poland.

I want to wish Pamela a safe trip back to the States, as she leaves at approx 10:30 tonight to head to the Frankfurt airport. Have a good one, Pamela! I'll miss being in the same time zone as you!

And I also want to wish a happy birthday to my cousin Ashley. Happy Birthday, Ash-Bash-B'gash!

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