Monday, July 18, 2005

So much to say!! Don't know where to start!!

how about here:
I was watching MTV this morning (surprise surprise) and I saw the new Kanye West video for "Diamonds from Sierra Leonne" (probably spelled wrong) and I thought "wow, that looks like Prague."

Lo and behold, it was. I googled it and that is indeed where the video was filmed. Great song, great video, great city.

*props to mad identification of a city I just visited skillz in a 3 minute video*
*un-props to a badly formatted sentence*

Also, HBP? DAMN! I won't post my thoughts cuz I can't do it without spoilers, but wow!!! When does Book Seven come out? ;)


Anonymous said...

well...aaron finished his on
sun 7:30am...needless to say he
won't stay up for anything else.
btw...thanks, it wasn't a bad one :)

Nicole said...

To think, now we have to go through all the theories, all JK's hints and all the anticipation of Book 7 again before we get more answers... Then again, that's half the fun I guess :-)

I really enjoyed the book as well!