Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm back! And busy as a bumblebee. I'd much rather be at home, though - not only could I be hanging out with Jen (who ditched the Ostsee and is going to Kiel with Elizabeth instead), but I could have slept in and maybe gotten rid of this Cold of Death that I picked up.

Anyway, I had an absolutely wonderful week with the girls - despite train troubles (many many), we made it to Leipzig, Magdeburg, the concentration camp Sachsenhausen, Berlin, and Poland. This week includes some more traveling for Jen, and lots of time working for me. But, I am so glad she is here - I think it's been a great opportunity for my friends here to see the "real" me, instead of a Transplant Heather Version 1.0.

Alright, crazy busy at work, but thanks for all the good wishes for last week :)

And here's a quiz: Ravenclaw
You are a RAVENCLAW!

As a Ravenclaw and as an NFP, you value
imagination, ideas and intelligence. You are
probably somewhat of an individualist and avoid
conforming just for its own sake. You are
insightful and perceptive, and since you are
empathetic and value harmony, you usually try
to avoid conflict. Of course, you may enjoy
participating in heated debates, but only as
long as they remain on an intellectual level
and not a personal level. In general, you are
open-minded and curious, and set high standards
for yourself.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat: Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing
brought to you by Quizilla


Anonymous said...

I'm in your house! (unlike at the conference) Not the same personality, though...and since I don't have a website or blog of my own, here's my result posted on your blog. (ha, i'm a leech)

You are a RAVENCLAW! As a Ravenclaw and as an NTJ, you are intellectual, independent, and value excellence in yourself and others. You are naturally curious, and can usually see many sides to the same argument or issue. You are driven to acquire knowledge and set very high standards for yourself and others. You excel at and enjoy strategizing, planning, and focusing on the big picture. You enjoy being challenged, and can accept constructive criticism without taking it personally. You are excellent at organizing yourself and others.

Pretty accurate, actually. So maybe I'm not the embodiment of Lupin after all...


Nicole said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic week! I'm glad you a great time :o)

Quite an interesting test - I'm a Ravenclaw NFP as well. We rule! ;-)