Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Zealand slang! Direct from the NZ Immigration Dept! [via InformationJunk]

Bridget, maybe you can get your brrther to bring back this (or just usher it in - I can't imagine that NZ slang was ever in fashion long enough to go out of it)!

Also, anyone know of a good recipe for zucchini bread? I've got two zukes from a coworker and don't know what to do with them!

Somehow my work schedule has been drastically reduced- I was supposed to travel to Berlin tonight to pick up a group of students, but they decided I didn't need to go - and some of my day activities have been changed as well. Dude, I won't complain. More time to hang out with Jen!

But for now, time to do some actual work so I don't have to scramble to do it later. Whoopdeedoo!

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Jaime said...

Your coworker gives you zuchinni?!?