Friday, August 26, 2005

le sigh

Steffi is gone. Jess and I are sad and depressed. And I am aware that that is redundant. I am aware that ALL of it is redundant.

She and her boyfriend Daniel cooked us a most excellent Schwäbisch meal - some sort of brothy (or broth-y, if you prefer a non-brothel-esque connotation) soup, käsespraetzle, and maultaschen, which are like Chinese dumplings except, you know, German. Deeeeeelicious. And to top it off (actually, as an appetizer), we had chocolate cake. Mmm.

Anyway, she's gone, and I am consoling myself by talking about food, even though I won't be able to eat for a month. I'll write a better tribute to her (and probably more about her cooking) tomorrow or Sunday or sometime. But check out Jess's blog for her tribute to our most smiley friend.

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